IT’S SUCH A GOOD ALBUM OPENER THOUGH…………???/ LIKE AFTER SHE SAYS “WELCOME TO NEW YORK” FOR THE LAST TIME I FEEL SO READY TO HEAR THE REST OF THE ALBUM LIKE IM SOO PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!! AND yet…. here i sit……. a week away from hearing the full damn album rip rip rip i cant believe she’d give us that feeling and take it away RIP

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lets talk about how we’re getting new song (which is Welcome to New York? maybe) on Monday then the next Monday we are going to get the whole album … liKE ISN’T THIS MONTH THE MOST SWIFTING MONTH WE EVER GET THROUGH??

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I’ll never understand people who don’t drink alcohol

Maybe they know what alcohol can do to people, maybe they fear liver failure, maybe they had a family member or friend that died from an alcohol related accident, maybe they don’t feel the need or desire to drink, it’s really not that hard to comprehend.

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